Greenway Appliances

Greenway Appliances won an Ashden Award in 2014.

Neha Juneja is CEO of a rapidly growing clean cookstoves business which she co-founded with Ankit Matthur just two years after they completed their MBAs in 2008. Greenway's mission is to provide an affordable, desirable cookstove to improve quality of life for Indian women. Collecting and cooking with wood and dung is not only time-consuming; it creates dirty, smoky kitchens. Greenway Grameen’s simple stoves dramatically reduce kitchen smoke, cook more quickly, and stay cleaner for longer. And they’ve been designed with women’s needs and aspirations in mind. Aside from taking care to produce a stove women were comfortable using, extensive market testing revealed that they sell far better when marketed as an essential part of a modern kitchen: more than 120,000 stoves have been sold so far.

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