Infosys: Leading the way in tackling India’s energy challenges

India’s fast-growing economy is making ever greater demands on its electric grid.

Infosys is one of India’s largest IT companies, and a global leader in consulting, IT and outsourcing. It is growing rapidly, with state-of-the-art business campuses at ten locations in India, and offices throughout the world.

The design of these campuses highlights the innovative approach of the company, and one feature is the use of unique ‘signature’ buildings. Infosys also emphasises sustainability in the way that it develops and manages its estate, and since 2008, all new buildings have been designed to meet the highest standards for environmental performance.

Infosys is leading the way to sustainable growth, decreasing electricity consumption per staff member by 44%. Cutting-edge design of new buildings keeps offices cooler and maximises natural light.

Working on the design of new, low-energy buildings made the Infosys infrastructure team aware of potential energy savings in their existing building stock. With the full support of senior management, they started a programme to identify opportunities for energy savings, and to retrofit buildings to achieve them.