About Us

The Ashden India Collective (AIC) is a network of India-based winners of the prestigious Ashden Awards. Established in 2001, the Ashden Awards seek out and recognise the best in sustainable energy across the globe. AIC has 27 member organisations and entrepreneurs from around India. Individually the members of the Collective work to increase the number of Indians benefiting from affordable, clean energy. Collectively they offer a compelling body of evidence for investment in sustainable energy and on the ground case studies to make the case for policies that enable renewbles to flourish. 

AIC's strength lies in its pan-India, cross-technology presence which gives it a well-informed and well-rounded view on decentralised renewable energy (DRE). With members working on the ground across India AIC has access to up to date practitioner insights and data that can be used when working with policy-makers and investors. 

In February 2013, AIC was registered formally as a not-for-profit company (under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act). Our members have participated in many fora and studies, providing insights on regulations and incentives for off-grid energy, DRE standards and rating, as well as mechanisms to address the shortage of skilled staff.